Before you come to your appointment

We look forward to seeing you for your appointment. However before attending please –

  1. Ensure that you have a current referral from your specialist or general practitioner.
  2. Wear loose fitting clothing to allow musculoskeletal examination.  Wear trousers that can be pulled up over the knees or wear shorts if possible. Alternatively bring a pair of shorts with you that you can change into before examination.
  3. Bring any blood test results, X-ray or scans and any relevant letters from doctors. physiotherapists etc. Please request these before hand if you do not have copies yourself. You may ask for them to be faxed to Dr Singh-Grewal at (02) 82124126 if you wish.
  4. Have the names and address of any doctors or other health professionals to whom you would like to have correspondence sent to at hand when you come to facilitate communication.
  5. Inform the receptionists if you will require an interpreter at the time of booking your appointment so that there is time to organise this.